Satisfaction Guarantee

Ensure you are 100% satisfied with our


We take great pride in all our work – it’s our way of life. We backup this commitment in writing with our Five-star promise to ensure your complete satisfaction.

100% Complete Satisfaction Guarantee!

We guarantee to restore your exterior timber back to near its original condition or better and vow to keep trying until we do. We Guarantee 100% quality satisfaction with all our work. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our services, contact me personally and I will ensure your problem is handled to 100% of your satisfaction.

100% Fully Insured Guarantee! 

We guarantee that all work undertaken by Deck King Restorations is fully insured and to Master Builder’s Association standards.

100% Best Products Guarantee!

We guarantee to use the best products available on the market for your individual situation to ensure you get the best possible result every time. Our recommended product is backed by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty against fading or peeling on horizontal surfaces and 2 years on vertical surfaces such as fences and doors

100% Commitment to the environment Guarantee!

We guarantee to use only environmentally friendly products that will not harm you, your plants or your pets.

100% No Mess – We Clean-up Guarantee!

We will treat your home with the same respect as we treat our own. Once we have completed the best outcome for you, your deck and surrounds will be left as clean as when we arrived or cleaner. No mess or rubbish will be left behind… Guaranteed!!!