Have you got a deck that’s seen better days? We can help.

A timber deck represents a large capital investment to build and a significant addition to any property value, especially at sale time.

We can advise you on what needs to be done to bring your deck back to life and lose that dead, grey, weathered look. From high pressure cleaning to a full sand back and superior decking oil, we’ll have your deck looking stunning in a matter of days. If it’s a small 10m² deck or a huge public space over 250m², we have the team to give your deck back its WOW factor.

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Protecting New Decks

New deckings should be surface treated as soon as possible after laying as our hot environment will often cause the timber to stress.

This can be seen by the timber changing colour, caused by the tannins within the wood rising to the surface to protect itself.

In addition some sections of new decking timbers have what is known as “Mill Glaze”, the smooth shiny surface sometimes caused in the manufacturing of the decking board, this glaze stops the penetration of coatings and if not removed, product adhesion will be compromised reducing the durability and life of the product.

Restoring Older Decks

When exposed, natural occurring substances in the timber, referred to as ‘extractives’, consisting of oils, waxes, tannins, and phenolic compounds etc, all act to discolour and distort the natural beauty of a timber deck.

The worst of these, Phenolic compounds are very powerful anti oxidants and can interfere with the adhesion and curing process of any surface coatings.

The one thing that is directly proportional to the life of a surface coating, (new or old), is in the preparation and cleanliness of the surface to be coated.

Poor preparation or inefficient cleaning of the timber before coating will directly decreases the product durability resulting in an less than an anticipated result