Your outdoor furniture is an equally important part of outdoor ambiance and like your deck it also needs to be maintained so that it can survive the ravishes of time.

Most modern outdoor timber furniture is generally made from “Shorea” similar to Teak or Ipe wood, Shorea is a tropical hardwood that is used for many of the same purposes as Teak.

Like Teak and other hardwoods, Shorea is resistant to damage from insects, fungus and moisture decay.
As with all outdoor timbers the quality of finish and its durability is directly proportional to quality of maintenance supplied.

Due to the variation in the timbers a common onestep clean and coat process is not recommended as the chemical reactions on some timbers are severe and can do more harm than good.

The experience we have gained over the years now gives us the confidence and the understanding of what products to be use on what timbers.

Don’t chance it with the unknown, it is too expensive to keep on replacing.